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About Tiska Uppingham


Online Beginner Classes During Lockdown 2021.

Learn Karate Now be Ready for Live Return to classes After Lockdown.

All Days and Times Available during Lockdown 

Age 4 to Adult 

Great Activity for Families

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The Club Instructor is Mr Hogan 4th Dan over 20 years martial arts experience with an enhanced CRB who trains under the Association Chief Instructor Gursharan Sahota 8th Dan.

Mr Hogans wife 3rd Dan and daughters who are all black belts help out at Uppingham club  and create a very welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

Uppingham Karate Club has grades from beginners to black belt and is a well established club.

The club has people of all ages from 4 years old to adult.

Karate is great for all fitness levels.

Uppingham is a very friendly club with a lot of mums and dads training with their children.

In the training sessions we do a mixture of different movements and techniques and this will lead up to gradings where you can earn a belt and a certificate if you pass.

Students are also able to take part in tournaments held yearly.

Classes in Uppingham

The Club Instructor

 Gursharan Sahota was born in Kenya, East Africa but moved to the UK at the age of 12. He took up Karate at the age of 14 in the local Bedford club, and was awardened black belt 1st dan (shodan) four years later.


Now a 8th dan, Gursharan has competed in a multitude of kata and kumite events, many at national and international level. But the most significant event in his career was the visit he made in 1984 to Japan. There, he fulfilled a great ambition by training in a japanese dojo under the instruction of Sensei Hirokazu Kanazawa.
This experience proved to be a turning point for Gursharan. On his return to England, he realised the trip had been the inspiration he needed to dedicate his future to training and teaching karate as a way of life.
Gursharan's first club was opened in Luton/Dunstable in 1981, and this is now the association's hombu (HQ). Having been a teacher of the art for many years, he formed his own association in 1993 - Tiska (The Traditional International Shotokan Karate Association) which is now one of the biggest associations in the UK.
Gursharan's love of karate has never diminished and he still teaches over 35 classes per week, in the UK and regularly takes master classes internationally.
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